Hotel community functions should be re used

Forgotten community function recovery and development, will be a blue ocean Urban Inn; for the Urban Inn is planning to be built, functional planning is imperative. 

 Recently a large number of new hotels throughout the city in various emerging, in the feasible report as real estate facilities, there are around the community supporting the words, but the supporting process in the target market to determine the equipment and facilities in the reception of good government related activities and meetings, and supporting public consumption to implement measures and management the goal of the management team. Whether the first tier and second tier city international hotel brand management, or second tier, three line city of domestic brand hotel management, business planning and function area of the hotel has the original standard has changed: supporting the large conference hall and banquet hall to high star hotel essential, small meeting and conference hall facilities are generally in the more than 8 restaurants in the lobby area; greatly reduced number of small rooms with bathroom more, some hotels up to more than and 30. So the function of supporting, the hotel business is certainly on the government, meetings, public funds, conference rooms, catering to drive consumption rising, dining room has normal income of more than the percentage of canal hotel. But in the absence of public consumption of the moment function, associated with hotel and the people of the community are often only a large wedding and a small buffet. 

 The hotel industry in foreign countries, both high-end luxury hotel or Econo Hotel, city hotel will take an integral part of the community function, around five km radius of the residents are to hotel consumption target market, these residents will birthday, to the hotel party chat, go to the hotel to go to a restaurant and consumer society is. Because the hotel is a gathering place for them. These hotels are generally a restaurant door is open on the side of the road, not a guest without the gate of the hotel lobby, it is convenient to eat; most Western Hotel will have a coffee bar door can make non registered customer access on the roadside, sharing leisure space and diet hotel customers; it is important that the different grades of hotels and catering consumption of different grades of social food consumption, the price difference is not large, hotel and restaurant, the bar is just one more residents choose leisure dining place. Abroad there is a famous coffee, food and beverage brand in the hotel, the two sides adopt a strategic cooperation model, each play professional expertise. Such as COSTA coffee in the UK is a famous brand of coffee, and the local hotel chain JURYS INN full range of cooperation, each JURYS INN from the bar to the room service breakfast, all the coffee is provided by specialist COSTA configuration, both sides cooperation is very happy, the customer for coffee brand identity. 

 To observe the current consumption places of domestic residents, to buy bread and pastry will choose "bread talk", "85 C" "Kristin, rarely choose nearby hotels; these bakery brands have opened in every city and supporting commercial center and the residence of residents more stores, every day is full of customers, these brands in the premise of the original business only West Point, see the further demand of consumers, at present in the city's flagship store launched a tea business, business is also popular, on the environment, the hotel will not than the bakery, why residents to the hotel pastry to spend? Arguably, the hotel pastry is the earliest introduction of foreign technology and formula, 30 years ago the west people will think of high-end hotel, now more than ever people love to enjoy high-end hotel price point, and let the people off and few varieties. In addition, as the residents of their own at their own expense food and beverage consumption, often the first choice to go to the restaurant rather than the hotel, and the price and the price of food and beverage brands. At present, the local residents of the Select Hotel dining is often a variety of buffet, other local dishes to consider the choice is very little. 

 At present, China's hotel and catering as an independent brand of foreign propaganda is not much, from this perspective, the local residents in the choice of restaurant dining choice for the hotel is often not put in the first place. The foreign hotel dining independent brand of the audience is very wide, mainly to local customers. There is a hotel positioning problem, remember the Shanghai JinJiang Inn opened, the mode of introducing foreign Econo Hotel with separate dining, each hotel is equipped with the "Jinjiang Restaurant Chef", in addition to providing service for its customers, for the purpose of serving the surrounding residents. After years of market testing, nearby residents tend to the same set of economic level in the restaurant on the head, choose the same price than "Jinjiang social catering chef". In fact, the "Jinjiang Chef" is the mass consumption, but the choice of the residents will find the "grandma" "Wang Xiang Yuan" and other social catering. Remember that in the early years of the southern city of Guangzhou, the high star hotels like the White Swan, Garden Hotel, weekdays and weekend morning tea is around the choice for high-end customers, in recent years, the development of social catering, many high-end customers are high-end Catering Social differentiation. At present there are some hotels, the use of food and beverage outsourcing model, please come to the local well-known food and beverage brands, but the two sides are not the majority of successful cooperation. 

As the original function of the Urban Inn, there must be a mission to support the community services, a radius of 5 km of the residents must also be the hotel's target market. Can provide the target market of the product can be a morning tea, afternoon tea, pastries, coffee, bar, party, birthday party, birthday party and so on. As long as the hotel to restore the basic function, need to mobilize and better allocation of internal resources, doing promotional work, such as the food and beverage into the public comment "Ctrip" promotion "ordering Secretary" and so on mobile electronic platform, and the price, the consumer is there, the key is whether there is a good hotel in this target market wishes. From the level of cooking food resources, the hotel and catering society compared to either high or popular, it does not have the advantage, the hotel needs to launch the corresponding measures to improve, and can use the well-known food brands, but the model need to be studied. Of course, before the violation of conventional hardware facilities, will cause economic loss within a certain time, but from the hotel's sustainable development management perspective, Urban Inn should take community function to make up for the lack of. The new target market is not closed and the need for careful management of the efforts of managers.

The national new deal about innovation, industry change is about innovation, improve business philosophy and contrary to the normal target market, forgotten normal consumer market, for the management of the hotel is a challenge but also a responsibility. Forgotten community function recovery and development, the Urban Inn will be a blue ocean. For the Urban Inn is planning to be built, functional planning is imperative.