OMG - Assassin atomizer experience evaluation

Introduction: the vast majority of users will be finished from the atomizer, but finished atomizer will be some more or less problems, some do not affect the use of experience, some are directly destroyed a user of this atomizer all good image.

In fact, our products demand is very simple, the amount of smoke need to meet our expectations, and easy to use, no leakage, no frying oil, taste good, durable, can achieve this just don't ask for much.


There have been many game player will ask, atomizer of various types of DIY is really emerge in an endless stream irritable, with some effect is not amazing, there is no motivation to use it forever, want to use the product, the amount of smoke but can not go back early a sip out of the mouth. Now there is recommended, by Sheng Technology Co. Ltd, OMG launched ASSASSIN - Assassin atomizer. Let the president take a look at why to evaluate the assassin atomizer.



The first package is still relatively level, grain leather cartons, can be seen with sincerity, the first impression is solid, the name is English ASSASSIN assassin, and fused with OMG design English. At the bottom is a variety of OMG contact, the way the box is open, like Apple's cell phone open box, the control of the damping is good, not because of the size of the box is too large to open the box.

Open the box, a drop of oil is the laser with the OMG logo and logo (lecythus installed oil 27ml). The bottle bottom is assassin atomizer product brochures, graphic shows drop lecythus. A spray core, standby quartz glass oil storehouse, and spare apron.


The bottle cover is provided with laser carving, appearance, quality and play a non slip effect, the bottle with 304 medical grade steel, daily carrying oil can be assured on the inside.

To enter the key, will drop lecythus assassin apart, I found the oil bottle hidden in the atomizer, so with the drop of oil bottle assassin out show. Have to say, for this clever design point of praise, absolute surprise, but also some assassin sword that visual sense.


In this way, the oil bottle is completely assassin show in front of everyone, the drop bottle internal space cleverly into the oil atomizer, absolutely is the first and take care of creative ideas, but also made the implementation of.ce1fe15a27c04b9c98ccec571b00641b.jpg

At the top of the process from the top of the process is very delicate, to the light slightly to do some tilt will show a different refraction of color, some similar to burn the color of the metal fade version.


Drip nozzle assassin is a major bright spot, the first round design without any external cut mouth appearance, nipple bite into the mouth, with the launch of the smoke does not need to close the mouth of force. The internal angle of the nozzle is provided with an inclined angle, and the condensation of the smoke can be effectively prevented from being sucked into the mouth.

Another highlight, the OMG patent is a buckle design atomizer cover shangcang assassin card in the gas only need to cover part of shangcang counterclockwise to lift up the card, after refueling at the slotted clockwise closed shangcang cover.


Is it just a simple clasp patent design? The president after the experience for design of such good and greatly enhance the convenience, the first filling and sealing is beyond doubt, but most game player will notice less oil in and after the installation of shangcang cover of cabin pressure change. When the screw cap is tight, the position of the screw cap can be pressed into the chamber, and most of the DIY type can be adjusted to effectively avoid the condition of the oil pressure unbalance. Assassin through the design of such a card is not only good disassembly, but also to maintain the balance of the maximum degree of warehouse pressure, to prevent oil spills.


Come on, a little more attention, but the role of a great set. In the above core atomization, closed set, can let you see some clues, such as the location of this position is directly connected with the upper part of the heating core, a heating core within the smoke in the atomization through closed airway compression to enhance the taste of smoke.


Since then, said inclined plane, raises the point to the picture of this tiny inclined plane, hidden in the drip nozzle connected at the lower cover, the setting for the force blocking effect of fierce inhalation and reflux condensate are excellent, good experience and then add a layer of assurance.


When it comes to the core, the core guiding mode of oil atomization assassin opening into an oil hole vertical, in two rows of six oil inlet hole. Atomizing core structure difference and small smoke, oil into the pure quantity assurance in the oil velocity, atomization core inside the oil guide's cotton thickness and inclusions are controlled more appropriate, so in the long time full of aspiration and frequent aspiration can be avoided when the paste core embarrassed condition. At the same time, the gas in either slow or rapid refueling, because between the oil inlet hole facing the direction of oil segment, does not appear to change the oil pressure in the gas core internal leakage of some oil.

Equipped with two assassin in the atomizer core, the appearance on the same lines above have set design convenient, the bottom is silver electrode.


One of them is 0.25 ohms connected mesh material 316 core atomization, experience is the result of heating speed, and mild taste, and is the president of personal experience down will be more love to launch 45~60W this range of smoke taste, to smoke the resolution will be relatively long.

The other one is a 0.5 double A1 wire with a spare fog wick. The show will smoke taste rich, particle core will be larger.

The inlet ring at the bottom of a 270 degree adjustable range, and then transferred to the card at the Falcon can remove the rotary atomizer. Four air inlets at the bottom of the inlet structure is such a personal preference, and this can disperse the average intake airflow, with short time there continued inhalation of air through the air inlet at the bottom, the bottom of the core in the core leading to airway atomization influx. Also through the structure of the set to the end to the mouth of the steam to make training.

The assassin's bottom is ASSASSIN English assassin, and design from OMG laser.


1, solid workmanship and materials used, has the sincerity, the overall look is simple and not too garish, but the top has a laser embossed more engaging.

2, drop mouth bite are excellent, the design idea of bionics and good performance, for condensation control is good, use does not appear to be inhaled in the case of condensation.

3, patent card buckle design, convenient, simple and practical, although seemingly simple set of thread into the design of the card buckle, the actual use of the pressure on the oil warehouse changes into consideration.

4, just look through the airway very rough design, but in some key nodes, whether made segment or set the inclination, to smoke after atomization steam compression, guide reasonable guide, the taste has improved.

Two kinds of aerosol core style 5, collocation is embodied, and durable, cotton quantity control, package or oil into the way of double six, which makes up the oil guide to collocation, directly led to extend the life of many.

6, with a drop lecythus version of really creative, practical and innovation all have.

Slot point

1, the structure of the core, making a point of the last remaining oil can not completely dry.

2, in order to ensure the sealing of the upper airway and the core connection in the installation need to make point force to rotate slightly.

Summary, when OMG started to use the assassin in the president's actually found no handling so many details, but these details and influence and let the experience of ascension, in its resolution, the study found that these details is the ultimate effect of Assassin's superior performance reasons, through these details on the set, not to join the tedious what parts, let people have a good experience, just like the assassin's name like invisible in the conquered! The atomizer can basically meet many novice find a good smoke, taste more balanced. Click a like